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Moonshadow Consultations & Courses

Since 2000, we have established a reputation for professional and effective treatments and consultations, some of which have been featured in magazines and on television over the years. We make it a priority to maintain our high standards for courses, workshops and seminars.

Our Psychic Consultations are therapeutic in nature – that is, our focus is always on guiding the client to a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives, thus empowering them to make the changes they desire.

Moonshadow’s Psychic Consultations are available to clients all over the world via Email or Skype. Browse the website for more information, or visit the Feedback section to see how others have experienced Moonshadow’s consultations. (Bookings and payment can be made online.)

Clients who wish to book a face to face consultation may contact us to set up an appointment.

Visit the Courses section to learn more about our Distance Learning Animal Communication Course.